research topics and
projects in production

2009 - 2012

Editing and visual effects production for film, advertising and TV.

Istanbul, Turkey.


Arts management and administration undergraduate studies at İstanbul Kültür University.

Istanbul, Turkey.


Graduate studies in film and television, graduate assistant to the Faculty of Communications and the Institute of Social Sciences at Kadir Has University.

Istanbul, Turkey.


academic research | film 

Short experimental collage film and an independent research project which was initially inspired by the Cinema of Turkey, commenced as an academic research in 2015 with the support and the endowment by SALT Research Funds in Istanbul to be screened at the research committee meetings at SALT. The fragments were abstracted from the films in the Cinema of Turkey to re-narrate a collage edit of male figures from the earlier days in film through a Queer* perspective while examining filmic elements such as film music and editing devices.

research | presentation | event organisation

The 26th Conference of New Directions in Turkish Film Studies:
“Cinema and Sound”.

Kadir Has University,
Istanbul, Turkey.


Art Unlimited
Berlin, Germany.

research | article

The 66th Berlinale / International Berlin Film Festival

Berlin, Germany.


academic research | film and urban studies

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin,
Berlin, Germany.

Research focusing on topics including but expanding beyond Virtual Reality, urban studies, film theory, history of cinema, psychoanalysis and entertainment venues.

graduate thesis

The Institute of Social Sciences, 
Kadir Has University.
Istanbul, Turkey. 

Institut für Europäische Ethnologie der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

performance video

Berlin, Germany. 
Choreographer and performance artist Naima Sommacali’s performance. 


visual effects design and production, and creative post-production in advertising films, music videos and long-form theatrical narrative films.

Berlin, Germany.


visual effects | video 

Berlin, Germany.

media abstracts | series | painting
Digital and procedural technique, mixed media with UV print and large scale metal plates. 

Berlin, Germany.


media abstracts | series | painting 
“The Digital Rule”
Istanbul, Turkey.

visual effects | video
Berlin, Germany.


“Queer* and Film Music in the Cinema of Turkey: Entertainment Venues on Film, Club Music and the Other”,
Alaz  B.  Şen.

Gallery-form, collage, short film: SÜPERKESİK / SUPERCUT,
Alaz B. Şen, 2015.

“Sound of Time: Clocks, Trains and the Prayer”,
Alaz B. Şen,

“The Hour and Landscapes in Winter Sleep of Nuri Bilge Ceylan: Sound and Time”,
Art Unlimited,
Alaz B. Şen,

Anders als die Bären”, Altyazı, Alaz B. Şen, 2016.

“Berlin, The Hyperreal, and Virtual Realities of Sex in a Dark Room”, Alaz B. Şen, 2017.

“ Just Behind Normality”, Naima Sommacali, 2017.

Featured visual effects production in collaboration with Berlin’s VFX producers and artists for the music video of Rammstein’s DEUTSCHLAND (Specter Berlin, 2019).

Beginning of execution on a
series of works using film and visual effects production techniques for a theoretical concept developed since 2015 focusing on temporality and illusion examining topics such as cinematic time, “real” time and and representations of Time in the history of arts.

Interview with Sevil Dolmacı for Milliyet Sanat for the series production beginning in 2019.

Visual effects design and production in music videos and advertising.