Alaz is a filmmaker residing and working in northern Germany. As an artist, he finds inspiration on the fine line between fantasy and reality at most in senses which relate to the ontology and the phenomenology in film; he focuses and frames his works within a psychoanalytical-cognitive spectatorship framework; for what films and storytelling reveal of the human psyche, the mass-media, human behaviour, urban neurosis and gender politics; and, as a producer, he works in a variety of stages in post-production which include concept development, motion design and visual effects in digital production and creative post-production - working mainly within a spectrum of stages defined primarily in film production, creative production and post-production with a thirst for innovative ideas, bold images and expansive outlook for new models of thought in business.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in arts management and a master of arts degree in film studies, he’s worked since before his studies started with filmmakers and producers of visual arts, music videos, commercial and feature film.

He has, since 2010, worked with advertising agencies, post-production companies, production collectives, performers and visual artists on video and film productions in Berlin and in İstanbul working with prominent film directors and musicians to realize their projects. He stresses creating an open dialogue through visual communication, and currently is focused on screenwriting and theatrical adaptations for film - meanwhile carrying forward the series of works in progress for short editorial projects and media abstractions to experiment with video and visual media.

Having a film-oriented background, and an education focused on film studies, psychology, design and fine arts management, in addition to earlier studies in engineering; he tends to construct his projects in a variety of forms and formats while reflecting on cinema spectatorship, semiotics, procedural production techniques, media aesthetics, migration and social relations, sexual discourse and performance.

During his graduate programme at Kadir Has University in İstanbul, he was endowed as one of the recipients of grants awarded by SALT Research Funds to do research on narration in cinema, and to produce a gallery film with a collage-narrative. Later, in 2016 he moved to Berlin to study at Humboldt University while he wrote his graduation thesis in film and urban studies, focusing on mainstream entertainment and spaces in Berlin and simulations & VR.

He currently lives in Hamburg; working with one of the largest production networks in Europe and Germany.